Guatemala: Volcanoes, Spas, and Volunteering

As I was researching Guatemala the other day, I just became so excited about all of the opportunities this country has to offer and all of the wonderful sites one can see while there! While volunteering in Guatemala with World Endeavors one can help the communities and people around the city of Quetzaltenango (traditionally known as Xela), while also experiencing the breath-taking landscape and culture of Guatemala. For example, it amazes me that Guatemala is home to Volcan Santa Maria, which is the highest volcano in the area and shaped like a perfect towering cone. You can actually climb to the top of it where you can then see all the way to the ocean coast, as well as watch the erupting of Santiaguito, the most active volcano in all of Central America! This site alone makes me want to take a trip to Guatemala.

A typical scene in Guatemala

There are also many natural spas located in Guatemala, one of which is Fuentes Georginas. The setting of this spa gives you a taste of the tropics, with tropical vines and flowers surrounding the hot sulfur springs. Also, there’s so much history to learn about while in Guatemala, as the Mayan culture is still present. For example, Laguna Chikabal is a lake where Mayan alters and priests are found. One can also visit traditional markets in surrounding villages (such as in Totonicapan). When going to Guatemala, you can’t miss stopping by the Copavic glass factory, the oldest church in Central America (in the town of Salcajá), or San Cristobal Falls. I guess I could just go on and on about what this amazing country is host to and that’s when I start to think – why not just go and experience it in reality!?

On the way to the market

The opportunities to learn and help others seem vast in Guatemala, making it a perfect place to travel to and volunteer in. Reading about all of the possibilities to enjoy the rich landscape culture gave me the urge to travel to this amazing place. But the urge became even greater after learning about the need for volunteers. World Endeavors gives the opportunity to fulfill a dream of going abroad to Guatemala by offering projects to help change people’s lives. From orphanage assistance programs to teaching children to helping provide healthcare to indigenous women’s assistance projects, the need for volunteers in Guatemala is great. What better way to experience Central America than to admire the surrounding Sierra Madres and volcanoes of Guatemala and help people in need?!

World Endeavors can help you get to Guatemala! Visit the website ( and then apply (click here to learn how)! Feel free to ask World Endeavors any questions you may have about Guatemala or about other programs! Call at(612) 729-3400 or 866-802-9678 (toll free in the USA and Canada)or e-mail us at


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