Volunteering in Special Education

We are proud to offer our volunteers many unique programs- and some of the most meaningful ones, to us, are our Special Education volunteer opportunities. Children and adults with disabilities in developing countries often are considered ‘second class citizens,’ not receiving the same access to education, economic opportunities, or transportation as people without disabilities. By teaching English, providing skills training and special tutoring, or just by being a friend, international volunteers can help. While these programs present special challenges to participants, the volunteers who do participate have a deeply meaningful experience.

In Ecuador, volunteers can work with children who have Down’s Syndrome, as well as blind and Deaf children.

In the Philippines, World Endeavors offers a program providing skills and computer training to young Deaf adults.

In Thailand, volunteers can work at an orphanage that focuses specifically on providing care to children with developmental and physical disabilities.

In Jamaica, volunteers can provide extra tutoring to Jamaican adults hoping to get into college during the July “Fast Track” program.

Opportunities may exist in other countries, too! Let us know if you have a specific interest. The best thing about Special Ed programs is that our volunteers consistently find that they have more fun, more connections, more meaningful experiences, and more friendships than they had ever thought possible. The biggest beneficiary of the program might not be the Deaf teenager you tutor in keyboarding or the blind child in Thailand – it may very well be you.

Our programs in Special Education always need another volunteer, so don’t hesitate to apply!


10 thoughts on “Volunteering in Special Education

  1. Hello– I see that it was posted in 2008. What are the opportunities for working with deaf population for 2009 and 2010? We are teachers of the deaf and we would like for a summer teaching aboard opportunity….

  2. Hi Nicole,

    Thanks for your message and your interest in volunteering abroad in deaf education. We are offering several deaf education programs in 2009 and 2010. You can find more information at the links below, and don’t hesitate to contact us at info(at)worldendeavors(dot)com if you’d like more information.

    Deaf Education in Jamaica: http://www.worldendeavors.com/Jamaica/_progtype/deaf-education-in-jamaica.html

    Deaf Education in the Philippines: http://www.worldendeavors.com/Philippines/_progtype/deaf-education-in-the-philippines.html

    Deaf Education in Ecuador: http://www.worldendeavors.com/Ecuador/_progtype/deaf-education-in-ecuador.html

    Lindsay @ World Endeavors

  3. Hi

    I am a university student now in my 2nd year in Ireland. A Deaf and mature student study in Finance degree and i would like to help out deaf kids also with animal conservation projects. I love animals.

    I am prepared to take time out from my studies and return by 2010.

    j Coleman

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