Native Seedling Project Update

Laura, Ranger Tom, and Ranger Gabriel with our native plants!

The time has come for our seedlings to graduate from their home in the office basement and feel some real sunshine! Ranger Tom and his associate Ranger Gabriel visited on Friday to collect our little plants and they were pleased at the progress they have made. Ranger Tom is especially excited that the Bell Flower seeds have grown so well. These seeds were almost microscopic when we planted them, and have since grown into over 70 healthy plants! He says that the Bell Flower do the best growing in rocky soil so he hopes to plant them along the bluffs of the Mississippi River.  Below is a picture of what the Bell Flowers will look like later this summer.

Here\'s what our Bell Flowers will look like later this summer

The World Endeavors staff hopes to also be involved in the planting process, which will most likely happen on a Saturday within a couple of weeks – once the seedlings have adjusted to life outdoors. The young plants have been moved to Harriet Island in St. Paul to get ready for transplanting.

We have really enjoyed this project and look forward to taking part in future volunteer opportunities with the National Park Service.


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