Delicious Food and Good Friends: Two Great Reasons to Travel

Some of your friends may try to tell you that they know where to find the best Indian food in town.  They might be right – for your town.  Next time, you should suggest that the pair of you plan a trip to India together to see just what you’ve been missing. 

World Endeavors loves to work with pairs and groups, and I think it makes for a really unique experience.  I’ve been talking this week with a mother who wants to travel to Guatemala with her 13 year old daughter to volunteer in a World Endeavors orphanage assistance program.  What a great idea!  I am so excited for them! This is something the two of them will remember their whole lives.  They will get to know each other better, they will make a real difference for the children they meet at the orphanage, they will learn a new language and  a new culture, they will eat delicious local foods, and maybe even start a new family tradition!

So when your friend says to you, “How about we go to that great Indian place in the city?”  Tell him that it’s time the two of you tried something new – Why not go for the real thing?





2 thoughts on “Delicious Food and Good Friends: Two Great Reasons to Travel

  1. did anyone volunteer in india recently? i’d love to go there. To south west part of india, as i will travel to sri lanka after my volunteering is finished. i’m torn between helping orphans or teaching english to children. any comments out there for me?

  2. Hi Nancy,

    We would be happy to put you in touch with some of our former World Endeavors India volunteers – often that’s the best way to learn about a program. We have volunteer programs in Mumbai and in Chennai – maybe Chennai would work better for you since it’s in the south… Please feel free to contact us at or 1-866-802-9678 and we’ll connect you to some former volunteers!

    World Endeavors

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