Taking a Gap Year

The concept of a “gap” year is very popular in Britain, but is just starting to catch on in the United States.  Taking a gap year means that you don’t go directly from high school to college, but take a year off in between in order to travel and ‘find yourself.’  Princeton University and other prestigious colleges are starting to promote a gap year as a great way to make the transition into college and adulthood.

Think about it- before you spend thousands of dollars on your education, doesn’t it make sense to find out why you’ll be going to school in the first place?  A gap year gives you perspective on your goals, your interests, and your life. 

Sure, gap years aren’t for everyone, but we here at World Endeavors think they should be more common!  We have lots of exciting ways for you to spend a year abroad, whether it be volunteering in several different countries, or doing an international internship.  You could even do a long-term language study program in France or China, and gain credit that could transfer towards your degree!

There are lots of options for your life; make sure you make the choice that is right for you.


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