International Education Week

This week marks the ninth annual International Education Week, a joint initiative of the Department of State and Department of Education to promote international education in the US. Since 2002 World Endeavors has had the privilege to promote international education through a variety of unique and immersive internship, study and volunteer programs.

There is perhaps no better time than now for Americans to go abroad. Here are three reasons why.

  • Great Investment in Challenging Economic Times
    Job candidates and students who invest in themselves in this difficult job market will be better equipped to compete. Research suggests that employers often favor candidates with international experience. By participating in international internships, individuals strengthen their credentials in their professional field and improve their cultural intelligence.
  • Great Exchange Rates
    Recently, the US dollar has remained fairly strong against a number of faltering foreign currencies. Students who go abroad now may have up to 30% more buying power than they would have had in the same country 6 months to a year ago.
  • Scholarships Available
    This fall, World Endeavors launched our very own international education stimulus package which included scholarships on a vast array of our already affordable programs. Students who missed out on earlier scholarships can still take advantage of our internship scholarship which extends to the end of November.

If you have participated in an international education program before, you know how rewarding it can be. If you have not yet participated in a program, let this be the year that you join the ranks of the global citizenry.

Tom Peden, Director
World Endeavors


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