Winners of the World Endeavors Volunteer in Thailand Contest


World Endeavors is pleased to announce the winners of our Volunteer in Thailand contest. Many great ideas were submitted, and selecting the recipient of the full scholarship and the nine recipients of the partial scholarships was not easy. We received well over 100 great ideas and thousands of thoughtful comments in response to the three questions we posted.

And now, the winners of the 2009 World Endeavors Volunteer Trip to Thailand are:

Full Scholarship:

Tom Mitchell

Partial Scholarships:

Ashley Elgatian

Jessica Gorman

SarahJean Harrison

Andreas King-Geova

Teresa Ng

Laura Palmer

Joylani Shibata

Liza Smirnoff

Kristy Wilson

How the Winners were selected:

Our selection process weighed the number of votes received, the quality of the contributor’s response, and the quality of the comments received. As stated in “The Challenge” directions, receiving the greatest number of votes was not the only criteria used to select scholarship winners.

We feel that through this process we have identified a team of volunteers who will make the most of the opportunity to contribute to and learn from our local community-based volunteer program in Thailand.

In the end we were truly inspired by the enthusiasm, creativity and initiative put into this contest and for that we want to thank all of the contributors. We sincerely hope that the contributors for whom we were not able to provide a scholarship will continue to work to make a difference, both in their home communities and around the world.


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