Garage Sale Fundraiser: Thank You for Your Support!

World Endeavors staff members and AAP founder Steve Frimpong hard at work raising money for this great cause!

World Endeavors is happy to announce that our recent garage sale fundraiser raised almost $1,500 for the Advantage Africa Project (AAP).  The funds will be used by AAP to build a soccer field in Hemang, Ghana.  AAP founder and director Steve Frimpong told World Endeavors staff and volunteers how much the money will mean to the people of Hemang, his home community, noting that the city of 30,000 people currently does not have a soccer field that is open to the public.  Soccer, Frimpong commented, is one of the few things that crosses all divides in Ghanaian society, and with Ghana participating in the upcoming 2010 soccer World Cup, there is even greater interest in the sport.  As Frimpong said, “all of Ghana will celebrate together – or cry together – when Ghana plays this summer.”

AAP aims to support communities in Ghana and across Africa by promoting health through sports.  In recent years Ghana, like many other countries around the world, has seen an increase in diseases like diabetes.  Through promoting sports and bringing communities together, Frimpong hopes to promote healthy behaviors and provide support to community members suffering from diabetes.

We are very proud to support this project and AAP!


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