Travel in Europe: 10 Money-Saving Tips

Flights. Souvenirs. Weekend trips. As many of you know, the costs of travelling in Europe can add up quick. But, a good budget and a few expert tips can go a long way. Whether you’re studying or interning, we’ve got some great money-saving tips for you!

  1. If you get a cell phone, choose a plan that allows you to add minutes to your phone whenever you’d like. This way, you can add minutes only when you really need them, instead of receiving a large monthly bill for how much you’ve accrued.
  2. When traveling, book a hostel instead of a hotel. You can find some pretty unique and luxurious hostels all over Europe for as little as 15 Euro. Prefer to stay in a single room? Many hostels now offer this as an option (some even include an ensuite bathroom).
  3. Buy toiletries and other necessities before you leave home. Some of your favorite items may not be available abroad, or may be more expensive. When you return home, free up some room in your suitcase by throwing out any leftover toiletries or leaving them with friends who are staying.
  4. Take advantage of public transportation! Trains and buses are MUCH cheaper than taxis and give some insight into how the locals live.
  5. Don’t eat out for every meal. If possible, try cooking for yourself at least once a day. (Bonus points if you cook a local dish!)
  6. If you have an international student ID or an ID for your program, be sure to always carry it with you. Many places offer discounts for students.
  7. Search entry times and fees before you go to museums or other tourist locations. Many have special deals for certain days of the week. (Example: The Louvre in Paris offers free admission on the first Sunday of every month from October to March)
  8. Search for cheap plane tickets when traveling to other countries in Europe. Flights tend to be cheapest when going to and from larger cities (like London, for example). If you’re travelling to or from a smaller city, try taking a train or bus to a larger hub for your flight. This can help cut down on costs, and makes the trip that much more of an adventure!
  9. Find a travel buddy. Travelling with a friend is safer and allows you both to save money on things you can split (such as lodging).
  10. As much as you may want to spend money on clothes, shoes, and souvenirs, remember that it is likely you will find similar items all around Europe. Try to budget your money and limit yourself to one or two items from each city you visit.

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