La Pura Vida in Costa Rica

One great benefit of studying, interning, or volunteering abroad with World Endeavors is experiencing a new culture.

Costa Rica is home to not only a vibrant culture, but biodiversity abound. You’ll learn what it means to live the “pura vida” and eat Costa Rican cuisine- a blend of Spanish, Native American, African and more and spend the night dancing salsa! Your home city will be Atenas, a city known for having perfect, spring-like weather year round. In Costa Rica, you can enjoy tropical beaches, picturesque mountains, an ideal climate and so much more!

When you travel to Costa Rica, you will find yourself immersed in la pura vida. This is a phrase that translates to “full of life”, “plenty of life”, and “it’s going great”. It is used as a greeting, to say goodbye, to describe something, and much more. It is representative of the Costa Rican culture, which is relaxed and laid back. Costa Ricans enjoy better living standards than most of Central America in addition to one of the highest life expectancy levels in the Western Hemisphere!

Living with a Costa Rican family is the one of the best ways to learn about the culture of the country. Watch this video to learn about how World Endeavors’ host families are selected and more about the experiences our volunteers and interns have had in Costa Rica.

Learn about la pura vida and Costa Rica first hand by applying to intern or volunteer there! Don’t forget to apply before November 30th to receive $100 off the application fee 🙂


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