Packing advice for Europe

Don’t know what to pack for your long term trip abroad? Europe has most of the luxuries that you can find in the United States, although there can be some price differences and other items may be different than you are used to. Here are some ideas and advice to get you started for your trip to Europe:

1) Students going to Europe should consider bringing notebooks and folders. The notebooks are more expensive in most stores, and they are a different size. So get yourself some 10 cent notebooks and don’t worry about finding a place to buy them when you get there.

2) Converters and adapters: All of Europe uses 220 volt/50 hertz system except the UK. Universal converters/surge protectors are probably the best option since they work for almost everything: phones, iPods, cameras, and computers. For hair dryers you will need a special converter and make sure you check the watts on your appliance. You could also buy a hair dryer or straightener when you get there instead of risking the life of your American appliance.

3) It’s best to buy some heavier bathroom supplies when you arrive to Europe so you don’t weigh down your bag unnecessarily.

4) If you wear contacts, bring contact solution for all or most of your stay. One bottle of muli-purpose solution can cost about 8-11 Euros per bottle. It’s an easy way to save some money and time.

5) If you are comfortable with trying new deodorants, feel free to try the roll on or spray on products available in Europe. Otherwise, pack a few extras of your favorite brand from the USA.

6) If you are thinking about bringing some of your favorite American foods, you can, but it might be wasted space since Europe also has delicious foods. It’s also becoming more common to find things like peanut butter and hot sauce at the local grocery store.

7) Don’t over pack your suitcase on the way to Europe. Make sure to leave enough space for new purchases and souvenirs on your return trip.

Here are links to our European country programs:





Northern Ireland



Feel free to comment and add to this list as there are many things to keep in mind when going on an extended trip abroad.


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