Packing Secrets Revealed!

The “Most Useful” List from WE Staff


It’s difficult to anticipate everything you may encounter on a trip abroad. And it can be even more difficult to fit all the things you need into one suitcase. Veteran travelers will tell you, however, that there are some items that are especially useful. We’ve compiled the World Endeavors staff “most useful travel items” and the reasons behind them. Take a look–we bet there’s at least one new thing you’ll be adding to your next packing list.
  • Walking shoes. No matter where you travel, you’re sure to do a lot of walking. Don’t forget flip-flops too, which are good for both the beach and for hostel showers.
  • A quick-dry towel. They’re compact, and as the name suggests, they dry super fast. There’s nothing worse than a damp, heavy towel.
  • Scarves. They jazz up outfits and can double as blankets or pillows on planes. Scarves are also a must-pack for countries that require head coverings for religious sites.
  • A head lamp. Good for reading, hiking, or re-packing in a dark hostel room.
  • Plastic bags. For wet things, dirty shoes, preventing shampoo explosions, and keeping your luggage organized.
  • A watch. Especially if you don’t have a cell phone while you are abroad. Comes in handy when you are traveling and need to be on time for your bus or train!
  • A durable water bottle. Easy to empty when you’re going through airports, but there to fill so you don’t have to pay for expensive bottles (if the water is safe to drink, of course).
  • Coffee filters. For when you have to boil your water. You can then pour it through the filter into your bottle.
  • A good packable hat. Good for staying out of the sun or staying warm.
  • Some small tokens/souvenirs from home. For host families/new friends/people who help out. Also bring some photos of your family so new friends/host families can know more about you.
  • A small first-aid kit. Bandages, antibiotic cream, pain relievers, medicine for stomach troubles, and a small pair of scissors always come in handy. Also consider a small sewing kit.
  • A journal/diary and extra memory cards for your camera. You’ll want to make sure you have everything you need to record your trip!
Of course this is only a sampling of things you may wish to bring, but we hope that when you do studyintern, or volunteer abroad, you’ll be extra prepared!

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