You Had me at ‘Hola’: Making Language Learning Fun

As you dream of going abroad, why not take some time to learn a little bit of the language? Studying a language doesn’t always mean hours of listening to CD sets or poring over a dictionary. Try out these strategies to make learning easy and fun:

  • Change the language settings of your favorite movie. Pick up new phrases, and rewind to learn your favorites lines. For an extra challenge, try watching some foreign films too.
  • Subscribe to a podcast. There are tons of language learning podcasts to choose from, and many of them are free. The lessons are short and the hosts strive to keep learning light and conversational.
  • Read like a kid again. Visit the local library to check out some children’s books. Or if you’re a more advanced learner, see if you can tackle favorites like Harry Potter and Twilight.
  • Label your space. Write down words for everyday objects on notes and tape them around the house. You’ll be a pro at words like ‘blender’ and ‘shower’ in no time!
  • Let us help. If you decide to go abroad with World Endeavors, we’ll send you an email with a detailed list of resources specific to your program. There are so many options out there, and we’ll help direct you to the best.
Whether you’re an aspiring conversationalist or just looking to pick up some key words, these tips can give you a start. And when you finally do studyintern, or volunteer abroad, you’ll have a great new way to connect with people.

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