8 Tips for Going Green This Earth Day

Here at World Endeavors, we do our best to make “green” choices on a daily basis – whether it’s recycling or tending to our office garden, we want to take care of this big, beautiful world. We don’t all have green thumbs, but we can all make an effort. Whether you’re thinking global or local, your actions can make a big difference. Here are 8 simple ways you can celebrate Earth Day every day:

 Go Digital:

While we all appreciate some good old-fashioned snail mail, simple switches liking choosing not to receive catalogs or opting for paperless billing can have a pretty big impact.


Earth Day isn’t the only time to participate in an organized community cleanup effort.  Volunteer with a local environmental group to keep your community looking green.

Steer clear of your car:

Your choice of transportation matters. Carpooling, taking the bus, or riding your bike all have a bigger cultural and environmental impact than you might think.

Start a garden:

Planting a garden isn’t just a great way to brighten up your backyard, it also absorbs some of the CO2 out of the air, adds oxygen, and creates a welcome space for bees, worms and other helpful critters.


More and more companies are opting for recyclable packaging. Always be sure to check for the recycling symbol before you toss it in the trash.

Conserve energy:

Simple choices like turning off the light when you leave a room, powering down your computer, or washing your clothes in cold water not only have an effect on your energy bill, but also on the environment.


Many compostable items typically end up in the trash. Setting up a compost bin for your coffee grounds, paper towels, and produce is an easy way to reduce waste (and add some extra nutrients to that new garden)!

Speak up:

In Minneapolis we’re lucky to have a great public transportation system and a relatively environmentally friendly community, but there are still communities who could use some improvement. If you live in a city that could up its “green” game, speak up! Whether it’s writing a letter or talking with your friends, your words can have an impact.


If you’re looking to make a difference on a global level, World Endeavors has environmental conservation internships in Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, England, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, Nepal, and Thailand and volunteer projects in Brazil, Costa Rica, Nepal, or Thailand. You can also volunteer on a sustainable agriculture project supporting farmers, cooperatives, and communities that practice environmentally friendly farming methods. Contact a World Endeavors advisor today about how you can make a difference abroad. 


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