Top Five Things to Do In: Quezon City, Philippines


Quezon Memorial Circle

Quezon City is just one of the 17 cities that make up the Manila metro area, but it is certainly not one to miss! One of the largest and most populous cities in the county, Quezon City is teeming with things to do. The city (ironically located outside the Quezon province) has made it its mission to provide quality service, making it an ideal place for people to live, work, and visit. Visitors to Quezon City can choose from a variety of things to do and see such as museums, gardens, parks, shows, shopping and dining.

Quezon Memorial Circle
The Quezon Memorial Circle is a national shrine containing the remains of former President of the Philippines, Manuel L. Quezon. President Manuel L. Quezon helped the country take many large steps towards where it is today. He was a proponent of government reorganization, foreign trade and military reorganization while opposing government corruption. For these and many other reasons, this memorial was erected and dedicated in his honor. As one of the few oases for greenery, open space, and peace and quiet, the Memorial Circle is a great place to picnic, exercise, or relax in the shade on a hot day. Be sure to visit the park during the evening as well and watch as it becomes spectacularly illuminated!

Smart Araneta Coliseum
It would certainly be worth your time to check what’s going on at the Smart Araneta Coliseum. It’s famous for hosting PBA (Philippines Basketball Association) games, concerts, and other sporting events. The coliseum also played host to Thrilla in Manila (the famous boxing match between Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier) and the World Basketball Championship in 1978. Conveniently located, you can pop in for a quick look or buy tickets to one of the many events. You may even be lucky enough to catch a performance from famous artists like Kelly Clarkson, Bruno Mars, or Michael Bublé.

Sip and Gogh
Sip and Gogh is a great place to enjoy choice wines while expressing your creativity through painting. You don’t need to be Vincent Van Gogh to enjoy the experience. Sip and Gogh is open to people of all abilities, promoting creativity and artistic development. Not only do you get to enjoy fine wine, snacks, and art at a reasonable price, you also get to take your paintings home with you!

Tiago/ Via Fashion Eggplant

Tiago/ Via Fashion Eggplant

Filipino cuisine is strongly influenced by both Chinese and Spanish food. In addition to the inclusion of new and unique ingredients, the Filipino culinary world continues to evolve with innovative cooking styles and techniques. Tiago features progressive Filipino cuisine accompanied by great service and a comfortable atmosphere. If you’re looking for a true Filipino culinary experience, look no further than Tiago.

70’s Bistro
This music bar prides itself on being the alternative place to party. You won’t find any Rhianna or Pharrell covers here. They exclusively showcase unadulterated Filipino talent, making it the ideal place to immerse yourself in the local culture. 70s Bistro provides an intimate and personal atmosphere, giving visitors a truly authentic experience.

The list of things to do in Quezon City could go on and on. Whether you want to check out a basketball game or sip on wine while you create your own masterpiece, you’re bound to find something new and exciting to do. Be sure to do some of your own research before embarking on your own adventures in Quezon City because you will most certainly find something that suits your interests.


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