Featured Program: Women’s Development in India

Our new Women’s Development Program in India is one of a kind. Volunteers contribute their efforts to the work of local women’s shelters, social work agencies, and nonprofit organizations. Volunteers will have the opportunity to implement a variety of educational and confidence-building activities that are currently being organized for the benefit of adolescent girls and women of the local community. These activities are geared towards expanding the horizon of this often neglected population of the community with the purpose of giving them a sense of self-worth and empowerment.


Participants typically start their day by enjoying a traditional Indian breakfast at the accommodation facility, possibly followed by an early morning yoga session. Volunteers spend the majority of the day working at their respective projects and assisting with a variety of different tasks, including:

  • Teaching conversational and basic written English
  • Organizing confidence-building activities
  • Teaching computer skills lessons
  • Organizing recreational and awareness activities


Volunteering in the field of Women’s Development is a unique way to form close connections with community members, while providing assistance to women in difficult situations. This project addresses the unique needs and challenges that women face every day in developing countries. In addition to their valuable contributions at their project site, volunteers learn about the challenges that women face around the world and bring this knowledge home with them, shedding light on an important issue and learning how to create needed change.


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