New Program: Volunteer in Sri Lanka

Following our two new programs in India, we’re excited to announce another new program in a brand new country: Sri Lanka! This small island off the southern coast of India is a relatively undiscovered gem. Sri Lanka boasts eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites, over 2000 years of rich culture and diverse geographical features ranging from dazzling beaches to lush rainforests to rolling hills. We can’t wait for our volunteers to experience all the delights and wonders Sri Lanka has to offer.

Our volunteers will be located in the sprawling capital city of Colombo, which is situated on the Indian Ocean. Colombo supplies a laid-back atmosphere, plenty of palm trees and a glimpse back to British influence with its abundance of decaying colonial buildings. Volunteers will be able to select from a variety of volunteer projects including:

  • Women’s Development
  • Childcare and Orphanage Assistance
  • Teaching
  • Wildlife Conservation
  • Youth Sports Coaching

We warmly welcome Sri Lanka to our list of volunteer programs. For more information about our volunteer programs in Colombo, please visit our website or contact a World Endeavors Advisor:


Phone: (612)729-3400


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