Featured Program: Elephant Conservation in Sri Lanka

As we welcome our newest Volunteer Program in Sri Lanka, we’d like to feature one of the many unique projects available to participants: our Wildlife Conservation Project. This specific project provides participants with the opportunity to volunteer at an Elephant Orphanage. The orphanage is designed to help care for baby elephants who have been abandoned in the jungle without their mothers, as well as to help old and injured elephants. Established in 1975, the sanctuary is currently home to over 80 elephants.  Not only will volunteers help care for these amazing animals, but they will also help enrich the lives of the care takers’ children through English teaching classes and other community projects. This project blends a love for helping people with a love for helping animals.

Volunteer responsibilities are typically divided into four main parts: taking care of the elephants, working on an eco-farm project, assisting with the mobile veterinary unit and aiding with an after-school English program for the community. Typical daily duties will include:

  • Cleaning elephant enclosures
  • Managing the garden and assisting with landscaping work
  • Helping with bathing, feeding and grooming the elephants
  • Assisting veterinary doctors as needed
  • Teaching the children in the community

This volunteer opportunity offers a very unique experience to participants. We currently offer many wonderful Wildlife Conservation projects in other countries, and this program is no different. This specific program is perfect for volunteers of all ages who have a love for animals. Volunteers will interact directly with these magnificent animals and deeply engage with an entire community. For more information about the project, please visit our website or contact a World Endeavors Advisor.


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