New Program: Volunteer in Vietnam

In keeping with our week of exciting new program additions, we’d like to announce just one more: Volunteering in Vietnam! This beautiful country, situated along the South China Sea, offers its visitors a rich cultural experience, delicious cuisine, and many opportunities for adventure. We’re thrilled about this opportunity, as well as the amazing experiences that our volunteers will be able to take part in.


Volunteers will be based in the exciting, fast-paced Ho Chi Minh City, a perfect example of the energy that exudes from the people and places of Vietnam. Volunteers will have the opportunity to choose from four available projects in which to participate:

  • Childcare & Orphanage Assistance
  • Eldercare
  • Special Education
  • Teaching


Please join us in welcoming Vietnam to our list of meaningful and culturally immersive volunteer programs. For more information about Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City, and our available volunteer projects, please visit our website or contact a World Endeavors Advisor:




Phone: (612)729-3400



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