New Program: Internships in Prague and Rome

As we continue to expand our selection of programs and destinations, we’re thrilled to announce two brand new additions: Internships in Prague, Czech Republic and Rome, Italy. With both programs come new opportunities for students, recent graduates, and mid-career professionals. We couldn’t be more excited to offer these new programs, and the adventures that await our participants in these locations! Read on to hear more about these new program locations.


Home to the best beer in Europe and a rival to Paris’ beauty, Prague is a millennium-old city with rich culture and architecture. Interns will have a variety of fields to choose from including, but not limited to: Advertising, Architecture & Landscape Architecture, and Engineering. To view all the fields offered in Prague, please visit our website: 


Known for its fascinating art and history, present day Rome is now a vibrant hub for business and culture.  Do as the Romans do and enjoy the delicious Italian cuisine, while exploring some of the works from the world’s greatest artists and intellectuals. While discovering this stimulating city, interns can gain experience in a variety of fields, including: Journalism, Web & Graphic Design, Culinary Arts and Performing Arts. To view all the fields available in Rome, please visit our website:


If you’re as excited about these programs as we are and want to know more, just visit our website or contact a World Endeavors Advisor.


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Interning Abroad

Making the Most of Your International Internship

In a world where global experiences have become increasingly valuable, international internships have become crucial for students hoping to gain a leg up in their post-graduation job search. Regardless of the industry, an internship abroad could be what sets you apart. From the language learned to the professional skills attained, the benefits are far-reaching. The difficulty, though, lies in how to translate these experiences into resume (and cover letter) -worthy wording, as well as making sure you soak up as much of the experience as possible. For many, trying to put your unique internship and experience abroad into words that “pop” can feel daunting. The good news is that there are a few steps you can take to make the process easier, and we’re happy to get you started.

Make a list…

Before you leave for your adventure abroad, make a list of everything you hope to gain from the experience – professional and personal. Whether it’s seeing Paris from atop the Eiffel Tower or developing your Spanish language skills during your internship in Valencia, be sure to make note of it all. One of the most common “regrets” of those who studied, interned or volunteered abroad is that they wish they had done more. It’s possible that you may not make it to everything on your study abroad bucket list, but it’s certainly worth a try.

Get to know your co-workers…

Establishing connections with your co-workers is important for a number of different reasons. They’re likely to have plenty of knowledge about the industry to pass along, so soak up as much as possible. When one of your co-workers has a moment, ask them if they have some time to talk. They’ll likely feel flattered that you asked, and will be able to provide some help as you get settled in your career.

Take notes…

Be a constant note-taker throughout your internship. You may hear an industry term you didn’t know, or learn something new during a departmental meeting. These types of things can be easily forgotten, so it’s best to jot it down while it’s happening so you can better describe your experiences later on.

Be open…

Keep an open mind. This can be hard – we know – but it’s best to come into the experience with an open mind and a positive attitude. Regardless of your industry, you may be asked to take notes at a meeting, help with some data entry, or participate in some other general administrative tasks. While some responsibilities may not seem especially eye-opening, they will certainly be relevant in future positions. If you’d like to learn more about client relations or social media marketing, speak with your supervisor. They may not put you in charge of marketing for the organization, but they’re sure to give you some opportunities to learn more. In the meantime, put everything you’ve got into the tasks you’re given.

Ask questions…

Don’t be afraid to ask questions! That’s what the experience is for. If you hear a term you’re unfamiliar with or need help understanding a project, speak up! Remember to be aware of your co-workers’ and supervisors’ time though. If everyone is busy, make a note of your question and bring it up when there’s a good opportunity to do so.

Reflect constantly…

Take a couple minutes at the end of each day to take stock of what you worked on, what you learned, what you accomplished, and what you would like to accomplish tomorrow. This is arguably one of the most important things to remember, and it will make updating your resume a whole lot easier when you return home at the end of your internship.

Ask for feedback…

Your supervisor may give you feedback consistently, but don’t be afraid to ask for it as well. Be sure that you understand exactly what is expected of you – ask for clarification when needed and verify that your work is meeting expectations. Speaking up about your own expectations is important as well – explain what you would like to learn during your time with the company and ask what you can do to make that happen.

Have fun!

Gaining experience in your industry should be your primary focus, but it shouldn’t be your only focus. Make sure you use as much of your free time as possible exploring your host country, travelling, and making memories outside the office. The insights you gain through these types of experiences can be incredibly valuable as well. They teach you about yourself and help you grow – two of the best parts of participating in a program abroad.

Dancing Around the World

Dancing is one of the many unique ways to express yourself and your culture.

Flamenco is a dance that originates from southern Spanish region of Andalucia and is well-known in Seville. This unique dance has been around for about 400 years and used to be a dance for the poor, which usually included the Gypsies, Moors, and Jews in the 16th century. Typically a woman dances, while a man plays the guitar and sings. Today the songs can either be dramatic and forceful to express a protest or dissatisfaction, or lighter to show happiness or a sense of humor.

Khon is one of the six traditional dances from Thailand, in which the dancers wear masks and elaborate costumes. The story told through dance is based on the Hindu Ramayana epics from India and is depicted as a drama as the performers act and dance. While they dance, a chorus sings to create a narrative for the audience to follow since the dancers cannot speak. Originally, only men were allowed to participate in the dance and it was held in a royal court, but now women are also an important part of the dance that now takes place on a stage. Some of the sets of characters: male, female, demons, celestial beings and monkeys.

In Brazil, the fast paced couples dance called Samba originates from the 16th century when Brazil was a colony of Portugal. The slaves that were brought over from Angola were told they couldn’t worship their own gods by their Christian Portuguese masters. After awhile, the Portuguese became suspicious of the slaves dances and tried to outlaw the parties where they gathered to dance. Today, Samba is a national symbol of Brazil, most common in the Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo region. It is a typical dance during Carnival and is well-known throughout the world. The music is typically composed with drums and guitar.

There are many unique dances around the world. So next time you travel, make sure you make some time in your agenda to see the dances live or even take a class.

Why You Should Stay With a Host Family

When most people travel abroad, they stay in hotels or resorts and don’t get the chance to immerse themselves in the culture of the country they are visiting. If you choose to do a World Endeavors intern, study or volunteer program that offers a home stay with a native family, you will have the opportunity of a life time. Here are some reasons a home stay is such a great experience.

1. The family will most likely cook local and delicious food for you daily.

2. In some cases they might even do your laundry for you!

3. You can ask them about their culture and gain an understanding of your surroundings and why people have certain customs or how they came about.

4. You can see how people live day-to-day.

5. They can make suggestions for local places to eat. This will give you a chance to go to these places and mingle with the locals.

6. If there are any interesting places to visit in the area, such as caves, beaches or castles that not many people know about, they will probably give you tips on where it is and how to get there.

7. If you have doubts about how to do daily tasks in a foreign country, especially one that speaks a different language, such as catching the bus or setting up your cell phone, they will also be able to help.

8. It’s nice to have a home away from home in a foreign country. Often, you will be able to do activities with them or go on trips with them.

9. You can stay in contact with the family after you leave. This may increase your chances of going back to visit!

10. You can greatly improve your language skills if the family doesn’t speak English.

Fall 2012 Promotion: Get Your Application Fee Back!

Hello World Endeavors community! We have some exciting news about a promotion starting now. For any World Endeavors program you apply for between now and NOVEMBER 30, 2012 you will get your application fee back. All applicants will get their application fee back upon payment of program deposit. It’s like applying for free!

This promotion is applicable for all internship, volunteer, and study abroad programs.  Applications are accepted up to a year in advance of the intended program start date.

*    Applicable for all World Endeavors internship, volunteer, and study abroad programs, to any location!
*    Application must be received no later than November 30, 2012
*    Program start date must be no later than one year from the date the application is submitted
*    Open to current students & graduates
*    Applicable to both credit-bearing and non-credit programs)